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I love the gargled synth.

This is so chill. Yet it sounds alert and spacy and the trippy synth you added really gave it a certain feel to it that completed it almost as much as the faint piano in the background


I think that with the right amount of bouncy muffled yet loud bass and a heavy recognizable beat this thing would thunder a bit more. What I've realized though is how alternating 4 different chords or more in a song can hook a listener, like writing a good book. I was wondering if we could do a collab. together. Whaddaya say? PM me if you think this is a good idea.

You brought it to life and killed it.

It could have been better if the instruments didn't clash with the voices. This shows off death-metal at its' best. I can relate the guitars to A7X a little and the voices to the berzerker. Get the 5 minute song Corporal Jigsore Quandary. That is an extreme song. Plus in a future song maybe you could expirement with the guitar sound found in the game World Driver Championship for the N64. That would be a beast sound for you.


This song needs to be slowed down a bit but other than that it was good. This song reminded me of orange creamcicles, I don't know why. It just did; tangy, creamy, and coldly delicious.

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Ah.. Another about tempo. Hmm... I'm guessing a slow down to about 160 or 157 bpm would be good. Lol. Orange creamcicles? D00d, you just made want some icecream XD Nice. Go grab one. Keep it real~


I want more

If you could make this a full song with the way you play that guitar I wouldn't be surprised if I downloaded it right off the bat. Nice job. PM me if you're going to make this longer with a in this type of fast backround music. That would be awesome.

Devastus responds:

Hmm. I might consider, as it was hilarious making this shit up in a matter of 30 minutes maximum :P

The beast part is missing from your ambient forest

You're missing a melody that is full enough to follow but other than that it was cool.
One other thing, ambiance doesn't make up for bass since bass has a mind of its own. Think of music as hair, there are many styles and hair types differ according to style. What i'm trying to say is that this type of stuff needs to be fuller by bolstering the bass and building on the backround melody to be a clear and substantial front. Hope this helps! You Rock!

MoniMC responds:

:] Thank you very much for the info. i will use your advice in the future

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